Dainana Joshikai Houkou

Dainana Joshikai Houkou


Artist – Tsubana
Series Length – 10  volumes (complete)
Project StatusComplete 
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Summary: Takagi and Kanemura are two normal high school students in a near-future Japan where many things are different but taken in stride.

Technology has evolved to the point where items like face-blurring necklaces, sleep-control devices, and Willy Wonkaish meal-flavored gum are treated as fads. New services also dot the
landscape, such as businesses that can help you reclaim memories and places that can upload dead people to the internet to continue living their lives in virtual reality. The two girls also treat encounters with androids, strange monsters, and aliens as somewhat normal occurences.

Dainana Joshikai Houkou is a fantastical slice of futuristic life that proves that while society can change, people seem to stay the same.


Kanemura Machiko

A high-school student at Mitama High. She spends a good chunk of her time hanging out with her best friend Takagi while at the same time trying to keep her from abusing technology to live an idle life.


Kanemura’s classmate at Mitama High. Best friends with her, Takagi calls her “Kane-yan.” She’s a free-spirited, fun loving girl who seems to always unintentionally find the downsides of new technology.

Tsuboi Saki

A former classmate of Takagi and Kane-yan who dies in an accident and is uploaded to Digital Heaven. She’s playful, but she can also be quite philosophical about her condition.

Photon 77 (Hikariko)

An android from the future tasked with investigating disturbances in Mitama City.  She ends up living at Kanemura’s house and helps the girls navigate through some of the strange situations they find themselves in.

Shimizu Daisuke

A former elementary school classmate of Kanemura.  Shimizu was cryogenically frozen in an experiment when he was ten and was awoken seven years later.


A classmate of the girls. He acts stern and unfriendly. His father is an administrator inside Digital Heaven and uses Iijima’s likeness, causing some confusion at times.


A quiet girl who always wears a face mask due to being sick.  Nagasaki is friend-paired with Tsuboi.


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