Our little backstory…


Wonderland Translations is a project that began on the Wonderland Azumanga Daioh forums.  It started innocently enough with one person saying “hey, I am really excited about reading this manga but I can’t read it in Japanese,” and another person saying, “well I can, and I have the time to translate it.  If I do, you wanna do the graphical part so we can let other people read it, too?” And with that, Wonderland Translations was officially born. The translator already had a project or two he wanted to share, and then more people were roped in to help out after that.

We focus mainly on comedy and 4-koma manga series, but we’re not afraid to stray off that beaten path.  We’re not trying to do this for internet points or ad revenue or anything. We’re not elite scanlation experts, either, nor are we trying to be. This group came together because we just want to share these overlooked manga with an English-speaking audience.  People are enjoying the series we’ve worked on, and we enjoy the fact that people enjoy our work. Your enjoyment is enjoyable to us.  Enjoy!

  • Founder: osakaki
  • Translators: osakaki
  • Cleaners: osakaki, Pachi
  • Typesetters: osakaki, Commie-san!!
  • Proofreaders/QCers: osakaki, Pachi
  • Webmasters: Lily-hime, osakaki

Member profiles


One of the founding members with osakaki, I dabbled in cleaning and editing before taking up the mantle of webmaster and launching our own site. 34/F/TX, single, workaholic, cosplayer, professional radio nerd… oops that’s my dating site profile. ^^ Anyway I enjoy seeing positive feedback and participation in our little community so take this as an open invitation to join the forum, post on the image board, or just shower us with love in the comments!


Founder and main translator of the group. My hobbies are the internet, anime/manga, sports, music, and other assorted miscellany.  I’ve enjoyed bringing the series we’ve released so far to our readers, and I’m looking forward to the positive feedback on our future releases.

Former members:

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