Artist – Bakutendou
Series Length – 2 volumes (complete)
Project Status – Complete
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Summary: A happy-go-lucky girl named Silva wielding a scythe and claiming to be part of an evil organization transfers into a normal high school. She befriends her classmates, skirmishes with the heroes of justice, and helps to recruit new members into her organization. It’s a comedy full of good and evil (which is which is sometimes difficult to tell), dubious magical girls, hopeless adults,
and pudding.


Yasuda Silva

A friendly, polite, and hard-working transfer student and member of the Xenoskull Empire, an evil organization. She’s also a gourmand who will go to great lengths to protect her treasured pudding.

Yasuda Stella

Silva’s mother, a retired member of the Xenoskull Empire, a stay-at-home mom, and a frequent participant in Silva’s class (especially lunch).


The manager of Silva’s branch of the organization. A reserved, young woman who greatly attracts the opposite sex, and apparently the same sex in the case of Stella.

Yakumo Izuru

A classmate of Silva’s that is approached one day by a strange, floating mask that wants her help. Yakumo is magical girl(?) who joins Silva’s organization.

Otabe Haruka

The class representative of Silva’s class, though she doesn’t ever do anything to warrant it. An airhead that likes to do what she wants.

Kitami Nanami

One of Silva’s classmates. An earnest girl that plays the unwilling straight man to Haruka’s antics.


A mad scientist in the Xenoskull Empire that was originally in the same class as Harumi. She spends all her time gaming and unnecessarily modifying things. Her family name is Otou, but everyone calls her Professor.

Magical Girl

A nameless magical girl with a four-hundred-year-old lineage who is fighting Silva’s organization.  She takes great umbrage to Izuru calling herself a magical girl. She also has a lengthy police file.

Shimamaki Maki

A classmate that acts as the de facto class rep thanks to Haruka’s shirking.


A humanoid creature who is a part of Silva’s organization.  He’s a giant, upright-walking turtle with weapons attached to his back.


Another humanoid creature in the Xenoskull Empire, he is a tiger-man.  Or at least he was until his body was modified by the Professor into something a little cuter…


A teacher at Silva’s school who is proud to be the “bad example that kids can learn not to emulate.” She’s a messy person who stays up all night playing video games.


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