Waratte! Sotomura-san

Waratte! Sotomura-san


Artist – Minamori Minamo
Series Length – 7 volumes (complete)
Project StatusComplete
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Summary: Sotomura is a high-school girl widely regarded as a delinquent, feared and avoided by many of the school body. From her light-brown hair down to her long skirt and harsh manner of speaking, she completely seems the part. But after Sotomura rescues a girl named Haruno from some bullies, Haruno decides to try to get to know her better.

Haruno is surprised to find out that Sotomura isn’t a delinquent at all and is, in fact, just a very socially awkward girl that’s bad with words and wants to make friends. She enjoys cooking, handicrafts, and hitting the supermarket sales. She also loves cute and fancy things, but she tries to hide that fact because she feels they don’t suit her looks. Haruno’s first step in helping Sotomura is to try to teach her how to smile, because whenever she tries, it ends up as a scary grin. Thus begins the story of Sotomura’s attempts to make new friends.


Sotomura Natsuki

The spitting image of a delinquent, Sotomura wears a long skirt and has light brown hair. When she tries to smile, it comes more as a frightening grin. She’s also bad with words, causing lots of misunderstandings. In reality, she’s actually a very gentle girl that loves handicrafts and cooking.

Haruno Mika

A cheerful, friendly girl that Sotomura saves from some bully girls one day. After approaching Sotomura and learning that she wants to have friends, Haruno starts giving her smiling lessons on the rooftop.

Sotomura Touma

Natsuki’s younger brother.  He shares many interests with his older sister and respects and admires her.

Sotomura Chizuru

Sotomura’s mother. Frequently out-of-town on business. She’s a former delinquent who is afraid to tell her daughter that fact.

Satou Kimie

The class rep. Likes handicrafts. She’s afraid of Sotomura but unknowingly shares many common interests with her.

A transfer student from Osaka. Mikumo loves comedy and attempts to get Sotomura to smile with his jokes, though he soon finds another reason to want to be around her.

Himeki Yayoi

An upper-class girl who admires delinquents and wants to become one herself.


Sotomura’s art teacher. She knows Sotomura’s true nature. She’s a messy and irresponsible woman who receives a lot of help from Sotomura.


A girl that admires Sotomura and wants to become her underling.

Yui Hinako

A co-worker at Sotomura-san’s job.  She acts cute and nice, but her true personality appears to be cunning and manipulative.


A mischievous student in Sotomura’s school who has realized that Sotomura isn’t actually a delinquent.

The school nurse who ends up being taken care of as least as much as she takes care of others.


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