Artist – Yoneda Kazusa
Series Length – 2 volumes (complete)
Project StatusComplete
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Summary: Echo-Pun is a 4koma about Eiko and Haruka, two childhood friends who loved superheroes and pretended to be heroes while playing together. While in grade school, Eiko had to move away, but the two promised to meet up again in high school and become superheroes for real.

Haruka grows up into a normal girl, and upon entering high school, she suddenly meets her old friend Eiko. Eiko, however, is wearing a costume, fighting bullies, and calling herself Echo, a superhero. She tries to keep Eiko out of trouble both with the bad guys and with the disciplinary committee president, a girl named Kamikaze Shiori who, for some reason, seems quite interested in Eiko. Can Haruka reclaim her old friend, or will she be dragged into Eiko’s superhero school club and the world of alter egos, costumes, and justice?


Hibiki Eiko

Goes by the superhero name Echo. She’s an energetic, brave, and single-minded girl with a strong sense of justice. While not being a superhero, she pretends to be a cute, weak girl around other people to keep them from discovering her secret.

Yamashita Haruka

Eiko’s best friend from childhood. Haruka keeps trying to pull Eiko away from her superhero life, but she just keeps getting drawn in further. She’s on the shy side, eager to please, and cares deeply about her friends.

Kamikaze Shiori

The president of the disciplinary commitee and a senpai to Eiko and Haruka. She keeps an eye on Eiko so that she doesn’t disrupt the school too much, or at least that’s what she says. She seems to have an ulterior motive…

Fukaya Mizuki

A student at school and a big fan of Echo after a run-in with her. A master of stealth, she joins the superhero club and immediately has it out for Haruka due to her and Eiko’s closeness.

Sakurakouji Ai

A transfer student who is Echo’s foil: a supervillainess named Killer Eye. She’s really quite friendly and air-headed, and she has a fixation on breasts.


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