We’re Recruiting!

Recruiting - Join My Crew

Wonderland Translations is recruiting!

Would you like to be a part of our group?  Your generous donation of your time will help bring manga to the needy internet masses! We’re short on (wo)manpower and we’re looking for:

  • A raw manga cleaner and re-drawer to make those dirty raws sparkle and ready for the English translation.
  • A typesetter to put an English translation script to cleaned raws.

What you need:

  • Have Photoshop!
  • Have free time!
  • Experience is preferable, but we won’t turn you away as long as you can show the ability to do the job!

What you get:

  • Early access to finished chapters.
  • Your name credited on releases you worked on.
  • A sense of satisfaction and pride when you see other people enjoying the manga you helped bring to them!

Join the Discord server and message osakaki expressing your interest in a position.  We hope to hear from you soon!

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