2 thoughts on “Waratte! Sotomura-san v05c70”

  1. Thanks for the scans, I really love this series.

    Just curious what the pun on page one was. Most scanlators throw in a note with the romanji. I tried looking through a Eng->Jp dictionary and couldn’t find any similar sounding words for both cake and kick, so I assume you took the liberty of changing one of the words to make the pun somewhat translate to english.

    1. Thanks!

      So yeah, I try to make jokes/puns work in English as much as I can, because having to explain a joke usually makes it fall flat. And I use translation notes pretty much only if needed for context.

      The original sentence he said was 外村さんケーキは売ってもケンカは売っちゃだめだぞ (Sotomura-san keeki wa uttemo kenka wa uccha dame dazo). Basically straight translated it would say “Sotomura-san, even if you’re selling cakes, you can’t pick fights.” The pun is from the verb 売る meaning “to sell”, so for cakes it’s straight forward, but when that verb is used with kenka (fight) it means to pick a fight. So the manager’s playing off the verb.

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