June News Bites

Here’s a couple things going on with the group and our projects.News Bites

  • There won’t be any releases next week as I’ll be out of town enjoying A-Kon in Dallas, TX with some friends.  Another member of the group will be there, too, so if you happen to see us (we’ll be wearing our own Wonderland Translations badges along with the con badge), feel free to say hello.
  • Pocha Pocha Suieibu has been placed on hold for now as the cleaner/typesetter for the project apparently has drowned in overtime work at his job.  We’ll start releasing it again as soon as we’re able to.
  • We’re slowly working on the Waratte! Sotomura-san drama CD!  Thanks to @Kibbitz2000, we got a hold of the raw audio.  It’s a slow go for me, as I’m better translating written Japanese than spoken, but we do plan to release it at some point in the future.  He’s also agreed to time/encode it for release.  So many thanks to him!

4 thoughts on “June News Bites”

  1. Just want to ask what’s the application used to time the translation and the one to play the audio.
    I’ve been living under a shell it seems, but I couldn’t find an audio player that displays subtitle (.srt) on timely fashion.

    To clarify: my goal is to make some .srt for some anime songs.


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