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time to welcome a new member (and an old member)

Please welcome Commie-san!! to Wonderland Translations. They will be doing some typesetting for us.

Also I want to recognize that a current member of the group, Pachi, has been doing some cleaning/redrawing work in addition to proofreading duties lately.

Related to that, Dainana Joshikai Houkou will start being released again (with no set schedule) once Tsumuri-san is over (which is soon). We’re still looking for someone with redrawing experience to help clean and re-draw Pocha Pocha Suieibu, so if you’re interested in working on that, please go the Discord server (https://discord.gg/ecmeKA6) and get in contact with me.

new group member!

We’ve got a new member in the group! Alexthetrex is an experienced cleaner/re-drawer who will soon start working on doing that for us. Welcome!

If you are interested in helping out as well, we wouldn’t mind getting more people that can clean/redraw and typeset. PM me on the Discord server or reply to this with some sort of contact information if you’d like to help out!

New Discord Server, Waratte! Sotomura-san, and more

Hey everyone! Haven’t had one of these in a while. Have some news!

  • First of all, we’ve opened up a new Discord Server for the site. I would love to see our readers join and hang out. I may be doing things there like early releases, possible sneak peeks, small news updates that don’t fit here, etc.
    Here’s the invite link to the Discord: https://discord.gg/ecmeKA6.
    If you don’t have Discord, you can go to http://discord.gg and make an account and either participate in your browser or download the app for desktop or mobile. I really hope to see you there, and not just because I’m desperately lonely!
  • Waratte! Sotomura-san volume seven raws are in my grasp thanks to the ever-awesome Saji! I’m working on them now and hoping to start releasing in early February, just in time to deliver everyone’s waifu for Valentine’s Day.
  • Speaking of releases, the manga reader site Batoto is closing. This is sad because I uploaded all the releases there and really enjoying reading the comments from readers. That’s part of the reason why I wanted to open the Discord. Boy, I love feedback! Another reason I enjoyed putting the releases on Batoto was because they didn’t compress them or anything. So now I’m not sure what to do for non-download options. Imgur and similar sites don’t seem like that great an option, and I’m not a fan of most of the other reader sites out there, but if you have any ideas, let me know!

And that’s about that! DISCORDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

Dainana Joshikai Houkou v04c36

Dainana Joshikai Houkou v04c36 – The Perpetual One-Hundred Yen Coin Bank / Once Upon a Time

A piggy bank worthy of being smashed and a glimpse into the future?

Well, the news a lot of people have been waiting for:  Waratte! Sotomura-san volume 7 is being released in December! So what that means is that after the wonderful human being known as Saji gets and scans it for me (seriously, props to him), I’ll be having a translation Christmas! And then we’ll all be having a happy Sotomura New Year!

Waratte! Sotomura-san v06c86

Waratte! Sotomura-san v06c86

Waratte! Sotomura-san v06c86

She’s baaaaaaack!  And apparently we’re back in December.

So yes, Waratte! Sotomura-san is back!  I’m continuing work on volume six and should hopefully have weekly releases for you barring crappy work schedules or out-of-town trips.  I’ll try to let the Sotomura junkies know about something like that ahead of time so they can manage their withdrawals.  As far as any other releases, it’s questionable as to when, but I’m hoping to start doing some Dainana Joshikai Houkou soon.  Any releases of that won’t be regular, I’m afraid, because I’m pretty much a one-man group except for proofreading help right now.  Anyway, happy reading!

Guess who’s coming back!

Waratte! Sotomura-san Vol. 6 Cover

Yes, finally!  We just got our hands on Volume 6 of Waratte! Sotomura-san, and it’s going to be an adorable summer.  Once I’m finished with the translation, I’ll move on to cleaning and typesetting, at which point chapters will be coming out shortly after.  To put an arbitrary time on it, I’d say you’ll be seeing Natsuki in action by the beginning of the summer, give or take a week.  Barring any crazy stuff happening, of course.

Special thanks once again to the amazing Saji for buying, debinding, and scanning the raws for me!