Waratte! Sotomura-san v06c86

Waratte! Sotomura-san v06c86

Waratte! Sotomura-san v06c86

She’s baaaaaaack!  And apparently we’re back in December.

So yes, Waratte! Sotomura-san is back!  I’m continuing work on volume six and should hopefully have weekly releases for you barring crappy work schedules or out-of-town trips.  I’ll try to let the Sotomura junkies know about something like that ahead of time so they can manage their withdrawals.  As far as any other releases, it’s questionable as to when, but I’m hoping to start doing some Dainana Joshikai Houkou soon.  Any releases of that won’t be regular, I’m afraid, because I’m pretty much a one-man group except for proofreading help right now.  Anyway, happy reading!

8 thoughts on “Waratte! Sotomura-san v06c86”

  1. Thank you very much, this day couldn’t get any better (Edited version of Overlord v10 last few chapters have also been released).

  2. Aww time to bask in the greatness that is sotomura again.

    Thanks for the translation! Just rocking it by yourself too!

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